Johnny Chops- Tattoo Apprentice

Johnny Chops comes to Hartford County Tattoo from humble beginnings in IT. Born and raised in Plainville, CT, John spent his childhood immersed in the world of comic books.  Stemming from his love of comics, John began drawing the characters and eventually branched out into drawing his own comic and cartoon style images.

Working in IT instilled in John the importance of precision and attention to detail that can only come from working in the field of computers. Thus far in his apprenticeship John is leaning towards the Traditional style of tattooing, in the vein of Sailor Jerry, Owen Jenson, Ed Hardy and more, though he would love to slowly develop a style of “illustrative realism.” Supervised by our founder/owner Chad Lockhart, John has progressed quickly through tattooing fundamentals and is at the precipice of a very promising career in tattooing.

In his free time John still enjoys reading comic books, watching all things Marvel and DC, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of ‘90’s rock music.

 Until his apprenticeship is complete John cannot tattoo minors per State of Connecticut Law

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